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Adam Irving - Biography

Adam Irving has been recording and performing live since the age of thirteen. He has, at various times played drums, guitar, bass and double bass in duos, trios and bands and has performed all over the UK and Europe. He is currently performing as a solo artist promoting his seven; 2007's acoustic 'Extant',  the electronic experimental 'Beautiful People Eating Pastries' (2010), 'Sobeit' (2012), the instrumental electric guitar album 'Howbeit' (2013),  'Adventures in Mono' (2014), 'Tomorrow & Tomorrow' (2016)& 'Hear My Scree' (2019)

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Adam Irving - Hear My Scree - 2019


Sometimes guitar, sometimes minimal, other times analogue synth, rap, ambient with samples of politicians. Irving digs into his audio toolbox and produces twelve pieces caked in his musical fingerprints.   


Tracks; Hunger, Broken Arm Music, Hypothetical, Cali, What You Want, 2021, What More Can I Say?, Baby Rattlesnakes, Listen, Nowhere in Japan Part 1 & 2,  One Thing. 

Adam Irving - Tomorrow & Tomorrow - 2016

With a sprinkling of guitar, a pair of polar opposite instrumentals, a burst of sarcasm and a couple of mystery ingredients thrown in for good luck, Irving's latest album is an uplifting listening experience.   

Tracks; Frame It, Apple, Tomorrow & Tomorrow, The Water's Edge, Hipsters, Nothing's New, Seven, All Of The Time.




Adam Irving - Adventures in Mono - 2014

Irving's fifth solo album is perhaps his most accessible to date. He combines delicate yet angry guitar playing, rapping, heartfelt lyrics and quirky time signatures to create nine passionately crafted pieces of music.   

Tracks; Hindsight, Archid, Remember This?, Invaders, We Fly, Mtlsque, No Words, Sickness & Home.




Adam Irving - Howbeit - 2013 [OUT OF PRINT]

Howbeit is an album of electric guitar indulgence. Featuring twelve instrumental guitar pieces, Irving carefully puts his axe through a mincer and the result is an omelette of picking, soloing, strumming, hammering, distortion and feedback over funk, minimalism, rock and a handful of ambient moments.  

Tracks; Animal, AF3, This is My Girlfriend, Nut, Day, November Came, Work Around the Boulder, Afterthought, Horse, Collateral, Here Kitty, Wallets.


 Adam Irving - Sobeit - 2012

Irving?s third solo CD. Sobeit is the partner album to 2007?s acoustic Extant; all the tracks here are electric guitar based. Expect dirty distortion, bouncing arpeggios, blistering licks, riffs, sweeping instrumentals and a handful of odd time signatures.  

Tracks: Swam, Soulful Mood, Hug, Why Not?, A Jounrney, Moby, No Other, 141, Squeak, Cursed, Sobeit, G Sleeps.


Adam Irving - Beautiful People Eating Pastries - 2010

Irving's second solo album is a million miles away from 2007's Extant. Be prepared for a stream of instrumental ambient electronic pieces designed to please, incense, enthrall and confuse the listener. Described by an experimental music magazine (who refused to review it) as "too experimental" its sure to tease out some kind of opinion in all who hear it.

Tracks; Chicago, The News, Hocket, Pastries,Little Group, Chase, Fifty Secs, Mitral Insufficiency, Grenudulate, Get Ours, Little Clan, Nite Time March, P&O, the Recorder of Man's Dreams. 

Adam Irving - Extant LP - 2007

Debut acoustic album featuring multi-  Adam Irving on guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica, Melodian, toy piano, xylophone and percussion.

Tracks: Asleep, Drifting, Sure, Define, Bad Medicine, Long Way To Ten, Shift, Not the Nineties Now, Play With Your Heart, I Try, Sleep Alone, Twenty Four, Faras, Squire Anthem.

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